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Challenge: Get full visibility into a complex hybrid cloud environment.

阿拉斯加航空公司needed to get full visibility into a complex hybrid cloud environment while deriving insights that would help minimize costly performance issues. The e-commerce team at Alaska Airlines works in an incredibly demanding, complex, and data-rich environment. Whether providing guests with seamless ticket search, travel booking, check-in, or flight notification functionality, or keeping pilots and flight attendants up to date with the information needed to do their jobs, there’s no room for error.




About Alaska Airlines

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Alaska Airlines has a reputation for stellar customer satisfaction and service, consistently scoring well in distinguished industry lists, including ranking "Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Traditional Carriers in North America" in the J.D. Power North America Airline Satisfaction Study for 12 consecutive years (2008-2019). Alaska Airlines and its regional partners fly 46 million guests a year to more than 115 destinations with an average of 1,200 daily flights across the United States and to Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.

Solution: AppDynamics monitors hybrid environment to quickly detect and repair issues before they ever impact guests.


据阿拉斯加州航空公司电子商务董事总经理特洛伊·卡斯尔(Troy Kaser)说,“AppDynamics让我们能够看到我们所有的集成系统的运行情况,全面的视亚博体育app图有助于我们提供尽可能最好的客户服务。AppDynamics使我们能够跨整个技术平台快速检测和修复问题,并缩短解决问题的平均时间。管理和监控应用程序性能以及降低MTTR对我们的客户的生活有着非常重要的影响。


In the first year AppDynamics was deployed, Alaska Airlines reduced the number of Level 1 and 2 outages significantly. “From 2017 to 2018, through the partnership with AppDynamics, we were able to reduce the number of outages by 60%, and we're continuing to sustain that,” said Kaser. The time and resources saved with AppDynamics is invaluable to the organization.

“With AppDynamics, our mean time to detection went from hours to less than 10 minutes, which is a huge win for us,” said Nemo Hajiyusuf, Software Engineering Manager, Alaska Airlines. “We are always striving to provide the best customer experience possible for our customers. The holistic view of everything in a single pane of glass along with the ability to detect issues and drill down to fix them before they impact our customers means that we provide a flawless digital experience for our customers.”


Alaska Airlines软件工程经理Nemo Hajiyusuf

支持ing the team’s shift to DevOps, AppDynamics provides everybody — engineers, operations and developers — with a real-time view into what Alaska Airlines’ guests are doing and how applications are performing. Teams can make changes with confidence, see how those changes are affecting the entire system, and iterate in real-time. “Because we are enabling every team member to view that information in real time, they're able to take that in context with the talents and perspectives they have and craft solutions that somebody else couldn't come up with,” said Patrick Boudreaux, Software Engineering Manager, Alaska Airlines. “AppDynamics gives us the big picture to see how the entire ecosystem is coming together and how changes are affecting the customer experience.”

阿拉斯加航空公司凭借其“云优先”战略Microsoft Azure提高可扩展性和灵活性并实现创新。与此同时,向环境中添加云技术引入了重大复杂性。这是Appdynamics闪亚博体育app耀的地方。



Patrick Boudreaux,阿拉斯加航空公司软件工程经理

With end-to-end visibility into the user’s experience provided by AppDynamics, Alaska Airlines executives can clearly see the business impact its technology is having. “I'm able to use AppDynamics to give executives the data-driven insights they need in terms of what our users are experiencing and what that means to the bottom line through understanding mean time to resolution, mean time to detection, and overall uptime and performance of our platform,” said Kaser. “They can clearly see how we’re using AppDynamics to better manage the totality of the digital experience — from when the customer checks in all the way through their experience.”

博表示同意。“在前提和alz亚博体育appure上有Appdynamics让我们结束了最终观点的客人正在做的事情,他们试​​图做什么,他们正在努力,以及我们想要的时间更长,所以我们can identify not only where we want to invest in our software products but other things we may want to move to the cloud to further enable that positive experience. Our goal is to always reduce the response time and help guests enjoy their Alaska Airlines experience more.”


亚博体育appAppdynamics允许阿拉斯加航空公司不断改进其数字体验平台,因此客人可以获得最佳的旅行体验,这转化为消费者信任和信心。“通过减少我们拥有的事件数量以及我们如何找到它们的速度,Appdynamics有助于向我们的客人提供一切伟大的服务 - 但它也意味着我们不会睡眠,我们不会分心亚博体育app,我们都不分心Kaser说,时间建设新事物而不是射击或战斗火灾。“

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