Okta Extends Identity Management to Apps with 亚博体育appAppDynamics

Key Benefits

Detected and diagnosed performance problems more efficiently



Enabling Essential Integrations in the API Economy

In the era of digital transformation,every yabo体育下载company is now a software company.As companies look for ways to make the transformation faster and more valuable for their yabo2019客户端customers,员工,和合作伙伴,其中一些软件通常是由外部各方创建的,integrated with proprietary capabilities.

"如果没有AppDynamics提供的可见性,您将无法承受。亚博体育app如果我们没有AppDynamics,亚博体育appit would be like driving a car at 100 miles per hour with our eyes closed.""

Hector Aguilar,, 工程技术总监和高级副总裁,奥克塔

被广泛配音,"API经济,"this still-evolving approach is enabling enterprises to strengthen their digital offerings in ways that previously would have been out of reach.

但很明显当顾客yabo2019客户端员工,and partners need to be able to move seamlessly between multiple cloud-based applications,managing access,安全性,创造简单是必须的。

This critical task is the expertise of Okta,企业标识的主要提供者。

"Identity management is this new foundational capability in the digital economy,"奥卡塔CIO说,Mark Settle,对于这种迅速扩大的需求,and his yabo体育下载company's pioneering role in the API economy.公司自2009年成立yabo体育下载以来,"Okta创建了一个全新的类别。”"

Okta整合能力的关键部分,and connect people to technology is an elegant,单点登录仪表板简化了使用多个应用程序的人员的日常工作。

Hector Aguilar,Okta的CTO和工程高级副总裁解释说,"I can connect once and then that basically gets me access to every single application that I need to use.I can do it from my mobile device,or my desktop device.""

The innovative yabo体育下载company is trusted by an impressive,fast-growing list of enterprise yabo2019客户端customers,包括益百利,20th Century Fox,LinkedIn,Flex,新闻公司Dish Networks和Adobe。


Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise.Okta Identity Cloud连接并保护世界上许多最大企业的员工。它还安全地将企业与其合作伙伴连接起来,suppliers and yabo2019客户端customers.

深度集成超过5个,000个应用程序,the Okta Identity Cloud enables simple and secure access from any device.Thousands of yabo2019客户端customers,包括益百利,20th Century Fox,LinkedIn,Flex,新闻公司Dish Networks,and Adobe trust Okta to work faster,增加收入并保持安全。Okta帮助客户更快地yabo2019客户端完成他们的任务,使其安全和容易地使用所需的技术来完成他们最重要的工作。


Maintaining that trust is a highly complex matter,with no margin for error.

"我们有一种文化和工程,围绕着“永远在”的理念,"阿圭勒说。"We're maniacal about monitoring our service.We're maniacal about solving issues even before yabo2019客户端customers notice.""


亚博体育appAppDynamics is the应用程序性能管理solution that Okta chose to help them in their mission to keep yabo2019客户端customers delighted.


"One of the things that was very surprising to me was that our developers started telling me,嘿,with 亚博体育appAppDynamics,we could actually find issues faster.' That's really the killer feature — the fact that developers were able to find things faster.It was enough for us to justify using 亚博体育appAppDynamics to monitor every single one of our servers,"Jaikumar Bathija说,Okta的性能软件架构师。

"What came in extremely handy was that right after we made our decision,a month of training was given to us,"Bathija continued."Our performance team was constantly sitting with a member of 亚博体育appAppDynamics,helping us with仪表板,查看关键指标。By the time all of the training was over,we did not need a single person from 亚博体育appAppDynamics to come and tell us how to solve a certain problem.""

Offering Flexibility Brings Unpredictability


"It's helped our engineering team continue to innovate.As we continue to grow scale-wise and in terms of adapting newer technologies,我们正在寻找AppDynamics来帮亚博体育app助我们监控我们正在适应的新技术。”"

Hector Aguilar,, 工程技术总监和高级副总裁,奥克塔

"With the broad set of use cases that people are solving with our product,they can actually change things that could potentially break our service,"阿圭勒说。"So we actually have to design for the unknown.Monitoring and staying on top of all of that — how our yabo2019客户端customers use our system — across our entire customer base is a big effort.""

But with the help of 亚博体育appAppDynamics' deep,主动式应用程序性能监控,Okta has been able to allow their yabo2019客户端customers to adapt their technology to their needs.

"This adaption is good for companies,因此,我们需要确保我们能够随着它的继续扩展。亚博体育appAppDynamics帮助我们实现了这一点,"continues Bathija."我们更愿意主动监控,让我们的客户高效地使用产yabo2019客户端品,and however,他们想要。”"



亚博体育appAppDynamics is a valuable partner for Okta as its technology evolves to meet the growing needs of enterprises.

"我们开始把人和技术联系起来。But as the product has evolved,我们现在将应用程序与应用程序连接起来,"阿圭勒说。"And once you're looking into application to application andAPI访问管理,在数据中具有这种特异性变得非常重要,and that's where we believe 亚博体育appAppDynamics can play a big role.""

Bathija agrees on Okta's future with 亚博体育appAppDynamics:"It's helped our engineering team continue to innovate.As we continue to grow scale-wise and in terms of adapting newer technologies,我们正在寻找AppDynamics来帮亚博体育app助我们监控我们正在适应的新技术。”"

Aguilar concludes,"我们随时待命的能力至关重要。正因为如此,与AppDynamics的合作关系也变得至亚博体育app关重要。And that's basically why we believe the partnership is very important,这就是为什么我们对这段关系非常满意。”"