Key Benefits


Dynamic response to changes in the environment for seamless customer experiences


Challenges: Shifts in consumer preferences and service delivery prompt the need for real-time insights


“We are seeing where a lot of our customers want to manage their employees without ever talking to anyone,” says Dave Wilson, senior director of IT infrastructure and architecture at Paychex.

Traditionally, Paychex customers would call a third-party HR or payroll specialist when it came time to take HR actions such as implementing tax withholding changes or paying employees. But that meant waiting to submit a request within normal business hours, and other potential delays. However, the rise of digital and the consumerization of technology has changed people’s expectations. In the process, Paychex identified an opportunity to innovate on its process, making it possible to access products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our customers are accessing our system 24 by 7 by 365, and they’re making changes that are crucial to their business. Our application has to be available all the time for very high demand.

David Wilson,Paychex基础设施和架构高级总监亚博体育app


每天,大约250万用户登录Paychex Flex,执行从工资单到时间跟踪、绩效评估和福利登记等一系列任务。这个数字加起来每月有1650万个会议,两个不同的受众(中小企业)的规模和运营方式大不相同。

“That provides some challenges in terms of how we deliver services,” Wilson explains, noting that downtime isn’t an option. “We took a step back and asked, ‘How do we route those customers through our infrastructure and limit the impact of any events?’”

AppDynamics helped provide the answer.




During the first forty years Paychex was in business, it was very much a service-oriented company. But as the workforce became more dependent on technology, Paychex transformed its approach to meet new market demands. Paychex needed to go to market faster and with higher quality products. In order to make that happen, Wilson’s team knew they “needed to do IT differently.”

“So we did,” Wilson states. By shifting product delivery from the traditional waterfall method to an agile shop, they made the first step towards digital transformation. “We converted hundreds of teams to agile methodologies. We embraced continuous delivery, automation, AIOps, and DevOps. And we engaged with technology vendors to help us identify the right way to bring everything together.”


“We found that we could leverage AppDynamics to recognize small and large clients in real-time and route them to infrastructure that is sized for them, available for them, and ready to meet their needs,” Wilson explains.

That ability to adaptively route clients made their experience seamless, too.


Benefits: Making intelligent decisions from changes in the environment




“It was absolutely a culture shift,” Wilson reflects. “But from the top down, we ran with it. We have gone through a software development lifecycle transformation that gained accolades across the industry. Now, that full power of Paychex can go after any of the features and functions and services that our customer — or the industry — wants.”

The latest integrations Paychex is excited to offer are AI-powered tools like chatbots. As for whether they’ll replace humans? Wilson isn’t too worried.


Real-time analytics is a requirement for us to be world-class.

David Wilson,Paychex基础设施和架构高级总监亚博体育app

“Real-time information gives us the ability to focus on today's problem. Not yesterday's problem. By differentiating between the two, we can prevent tomorrow's problem.”

Heather Fry, Director of Product Development, Paychex