Optimize the performance of complex,分布式.NET应用程序

Accelerate development while enhancing customer experience.Navigating complex .NET applications can be difficult,even for veteran developers.亚博体育appAppDynamics帮助企业简单地监控关键的.NET应用程序,visibility,and scalability while maximizing performance.



Automatically discover,visualize,and map distributed application components and dependencies for a complete,整个.NET生态系统的端到端视图。



  • Capture device errors,crashes & network requests across all application types - .NET and beyond

  • Capitalize on comprehensive usage metrics to help design better最终用户体验

  • Monitor all databases在一块玻璃里,while being able to drill down quickly via flowmaps,to troubleshoot issues

Proactive performance management

Proactive performance management

Detect,diagnose and resolve performance issues in real time.亚博体育appAppDynamics surfaces problems at the code level,accelerating resolution times,and improving code quality.

  • 自动基线transactionperformance—establishing what is normal,还有什么不能避免代价高昂的错误警报呢?

  • Ensure zero downtime with customhealth rulesand intelligent alerts,even during migration

  • 找出加速发展和降低MTTR的根本原因

Measurable business outcomes


  • Converge business,application,and 亚博体育appinfrastructure data to demonstrate every applications' holistic business impact

  • Analyze specific customer journeys to understand the end-user experience and optimize top-level KPIs

  • 利用业界领先的现成应用程序分析,withBusiness IQ

Measurable business outcomes
Deploy at scale

Deploy at scale

Quickly deploy 亚博体育appAppDynamics in the most complex environments with unparalleled security,scalability,以及企业控制。

  • 从一个中心位置管理您的整个环境,并确保简化,robust deployments,upgrades and migrations

  • 根据团队功能轻松定义角色。Manage all permissions centrally,or through corporate authentication services,ensuring data privacy compliance

  • Omonitor应用程序迁移前后,with support for modern architectures—includingMicrosoft Azureand自动气象站

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"You can't have successful DevOps unless everyone has the means to work together.在我们开始指责之前,but with 亚博体育appAppDynamics in place,the hosting team can identify the exact SQL statement or line of .NET code causing problems when the CPU experienced errant behavior.The ability to provide a time slice of what was going on gives a clear and consistent message to the Dev team.It makes it easy to find root cause and take corrective action."

Jeff BradyProduct Manager,Allscripts