Node.js Application Performance Monitoring

Get end-to-end Node.js application performance monitoring — with a focus on Business Transactions — even in the most complex and distributed environments.

Auto-discovered Business Transactions,动态基线,code-level diagnostics,and Virtual War Room collaboration ensure rapid issue identification and resolution to maintain an ideal user experience for any Node.js application,running on-premises or in the cloud.Drill down into process call graphs,correlate transactions traversing across your distributed environment,and diagnose memory leaks and performance bottlenecks while running in a live production or development environment.


  • Automatically discover application topology and interdependencies,并根据生产应用程序行为关联和跟踪关键业务事务

  • 实现端到端业务事务性能的可视化和优先级排序,不仅仅是应用程序和基础结构节点的运行状况亚博体育app

node.js performance monitoring

Node.js monitoring at code-level depth within minutes

  • Get in-depth application monitoring with detailed call graphs leveraging Automated Code Instrumentation within minutes

  • See the total execution time and the percentage of the total execution time of each method on the process's call stack

  • 通过钻取事务快照来确定潜在的阻塞代码,可以轻松地在应用程序代码中定位热点和速度较慢的方法。

Flame Graphs

  • 使用火焰图可视化node.js应用程序代码的执行

  • Bucket codepaths into logical groups to easily prioritize which code to optimize first

  • Swiftly find the root cause of a blocked Node.js event loop

Flame Graph
Node.js Snapshot Drill Down

Diagnose Memory Leaks

  • 使用分配快照,view the amount and percentage of the memory allocated by each method on the process's call stack

  • Full configuration over how much memory a method must allocate to be displayed in the allocation call graph

  • Solve memory leaks with Object Instance Tracking for better insight into heap activity related to object counts and size


  • Detect the errors and exceptions thrown by application components in real time

  • 通过运行手册自动化的基于策略的操作修复错误并主动解决异常

Node.js Understand End-User Experience

Understand end user experiences across the globe

  • 通过一个单一的窗格,通过应用程序性能在全球范围内直观地监控您的移动和Web用户体验。

  • 快速识别node.js应用程序中影响最终用户的确切违规代码行

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Manage performance of heterogeneous databases in context with Node.js monitoring

  • Visually understand how database performance is impacting your overall application

  • Diagnose issues and pinpoint the queries causing performance bottlenecks

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Node.js Correlate Performance Monitoring


  • 了解应用程序性能和最终亚博体育app用户体验背景下的基础设施资源消耗

  • Automatically capture 亚博体育appinfrastructure snapshots in context with Business Transaction when performance degrades

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In addition to the key features described above,you can enjoy all the other benefits provided by the 亚博体育appAppDynamics platform,including: self-learning platform,自动化绩效基准,intelligent alerting and health rules,ease of use,还有更多。

Node.js monitoring frameworks including:

"In the 3 years I've had this job,there are several issues we've never been able to resolve.With 亚博体育appAppDynamics,我们在2小时内就修好了。”

-Theresa Chasar,高级主管的IT基础设施,亚博体育app操作,and Services,Jostens