Financial Services

Monitor online banking apps, credit processing, claims processing, payment processing, anti-fraud and customer support with AppDynamics.

Most financial institutions have web and mobile apps these days. To keep up and differentiate from their competition, financial companies need to offer a feature-rich app that gives users an exceptional experience and easy access to their accounts.



  • Ensure that the servers supporting the online banking app are up and running.

  • Make sure critical apps are performing.


  • Isolate specific users with application analytics by searching for transactions with a specific username that have poor performance.
  • 使用15分钟的视图调查和修复慢速业务交易。


  • If JVM Memory consumption has deviated past an automated baseline on a cluster supporting the payment-processing tier, AppDynamics can notify the relevant team about the resource behavioral change.

Cloud auto scaling

  • When service latency degrades 1 standard deviation from the baseline for the ‘web crawling service’ tier, provision another instance in public cloud (Amazon and Azure supported out of the box).
  • Conversely when service latency improves 1 standard deviation above the baseline, instances can be de-provisioned to save money.


  • Automatically restart application server instances when memory is approaching exhaustion.

Respond / Triage

  • Create a PagerDuty incident or a ticket on ServiceNow and assign to the proper operations or developer when the ‘send payment’ business transaction response time reaches 3 standard deviations above the baseline that was established over the last 30 days.

Capacity planning

  • Scale infrastructure to handle onboarding a large number of new users.

Business intelligence

  • Gain insight into how many payments were processed per minute from Tier 1 customers during the last hour and how response time affects revenue.

End user intelligence

  • How many end users from California logged into the latest version of the online banking app from an Android device in the last 4 hours?

"AppDynamics has helped us build a stronger argument for getting additional resources when they're needed."

Greg Perrott, Software Architect, Reserve Bank of New Zealand